MikeWelcome, I’m Michael. I used to wear a suit and tie every day; now, most days I wear jeans. I used to be super stressed and accomplished a lot. Now, I feel peaceful and accomplish more. That is what I write, speak, and teach about – raising our game while lowering our stress.

Professionally, I am a partner in a privately held financial services firm. I started my first business at age 14, and since then my path has taken me through senior positions in all major areas of the economy: government, publicly-traded corporations, non-profits, and private businesses. Along the way, I married Julie Lyles Carr and together we have eight children – five girls and three boys (most of whom are darkly funny, especially at 1am). If you want the full biography, click here.Be merry! (4)

What you will find me writing about here – and if we get to meet at an event where I am speaking, there too – are stories and examples about how consistency and incrementalism build an environment where we can play at our highest level with limited heartburn.  This practice has improved every area of my life and the lives of many you will hear about here in leadership, health, communication skills, and personal growth. These are the areas I focus on in this blog and in speeches. Our family lives and works in Austin, Texas, and we have a variety of interests. So, sometimes you might see a sampling about Austin live music, life in a big family, travel, or the process of watching some of my most favorite people in the world leave my house to start their own lives and careers.

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