“Good” is Too Subjective to Stop You

“But, I don’t want to post anything that’s not good.”

I was sitting with a friend who is an amazing photographer, but he struggles to post enough of his photography to run his website. Everyone around the table agreed that his photography was inspired, but he still struggled. He pulled up a picture as an example and began to detail all of the things he did not like about it, the things he wished were different. And if they were different, he would post it. “But in the end it’s just not good,” he said.

But the term “good” is such a subjective term. The photograph he pointed to as an example immediately reminded me of a time when I was sitting on a dock as a little boy as my Granddad taught me to fish. It brought back up emotions and memories that I had not thought of in a long, long time. And I loved it.

To me it was an amazing photograph for a number of reasons. To him it was not very good for completely different reasons. So, who was right?

The term “good” is too subjective, and anyone producing art or content or effort or even strategic business ideas needs to remember that. “Good” is in the eye of the beholder.

It is good to someone.

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